Q. Who is Landmark Bank, N.A.?
Q. Why entrust my money to Landmark Bank, N.A.?
Q. Why is Landmark Bank, N.A. better?
Q. Can I get the best of both banking worlds?
Q. What is the mission of Landmark Bank, N.A.?
Q. Do you have any online banking advice?

Who is Landmark Bank, N.A.?
Landmark Bank, N.A., is a community bank located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and was established in August of 1998. Landmark Bank, N.A. is a nationally-chartered and FDIC insured financial institution which has delivered superior community banking services and relationship care to the South Florida area from the moment we opened our doors.

Landmark Bank, N.A.’s devotion to the customer begins with the President and CEO, Perry A. LaCaria. Mr. LaCaria has more than 30 years of banking experience combined with a well-earned reputation for sound banking practices and pleased customers. Prior to the creation of Landmark Bank, Mr. LaCaria served as President and CEO of Charter Bank, located in Delray Beach, Florida. During his 14-year tenure, Mr. LaCaria and his Team of Banking Professionals built Charter Bank “from the ground up” to become one of the most successful and service-oriented community financial institutions in the history of South Florida banking. The core of that same Team of Banking Professionals joined with Mr. LaCaria to form the Landmark Bank Management Team. Charter Bank was purchased by Southtrust Corporation, of Birmingham, Alabama, in March of 1997.
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Why entrust my money to Landmark Bank, N.A.?
When you bank with us, you have our Management Team’s more than 100 combined years of banking experience at your disposal. The Landmark Bank, N.A.’s team knows what works. We know that you want service, value and personal attention. We know that you need security and confidence in your bank. We know how to make your money perform while delivering security and convenience via a wide range of services that are specifically tailored to your personal or business needs.
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Why is Landmark Bank, N.A. better?
At Landmark Bank, N.A., we don’t seek customers. We seek relationships. You’ll benefit from our unrelenting quest to provide unrivaled banking relationship service. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Whether you visit us at our 2600 East Commercial Boulevard office or contact us via telephone or email, you will be assisted by trained banking professionals. While reviving the lost art of helpful, courteous customer care to banking, we’re constantly striving to make your banking experience as enjoyable and satisfying as it can be. After all, isn’t it about time your bank treated you like a special person? Not only will you be able to review your banking relationship anytime, anywhere from your PC but we’re here to help you as well. Come visit us and let us know how we can help.
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Can I get the best of both banking worlds?
Yes you can! We combine the personal service of the community banking experience with the convenience of Automated Telephone and Online Banking. You can visit our office and meet with a highly trained representative or take charge of your banking services and manage your accounts online from home or from your laptop computer. With online banking, Landmark Bank’s digital doors never close. All you need is a PC and you have real-time, secure access to your accounts when it’s convenient for you.
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What is the mission of Landmark Bank, N.A.?
Our Mission is to provide you with a personal banking relationship whether you visit our office in person or via the Internet. We believe that you deserve value, convenience, security and service from your bank: Value is delivered through competitive products, rates and fees. Convenience is delivered with Landmark Bank’s 24-hour online availability. Your banking relationship is at your fingertips, at your convenience. Online banking security is delivered by state-of-the-art encryption and other industry-leading safeguards. We are here to answer your questions. Give us a call. Simply stated, our mission cannot succeed without your complete satisfaction, which we’ll continually pursue. We’re your neighbors. Come Bank with Us!
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Do you have any online banking advice?
Yes, we do. Check out “Tips for Safe Banking Over the Internet” on the FDIC website.
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