The Better Checking System™.

From now on, your canceled checks will be returned neatly sorted in check number order, three-hole punched and ready to store conveniently in our complimentary binder. No more shoeboxes. No more overstuffed drawers. This is your guide to The Better Checking System™.


This is an imaged reproduction of your actual check printed from optical disk.

This document is acceptable in a court of law and by the IRS as your permanent record for proof of payment.

Your checks are sorted by check number and returned in sequence. They appear in column order, beginning with the lowest check number.

The three sets of numbers clearly printed to the left are for quick reference. They represent the date the check was processed by Landmark Bank, the check number, and the amount of the check.

Keeping track of your deposits has never been easier. Now a reproduction of all your deposit slips will appear at the beginning of your monthly document.

Check retrieval is now faster than ever. If you ever need a copy of the front or back of any check or deposit slip, just contact a customer service representative at 954-771-5525 or 866-425-5488. Your documents can be picked up or mailed to you.

For more information regarding Image Statements or if you have any questions for us, please go to Contact Us or contact a Landmark Bank Customer Service Representative Toll Free at 1-866-425-5488 or locally at (954) 771-5525. We look forward to hearing from you!